As per Vaastu, Keeping these things in the home can make you poor very soon….

Apr 09 2019 02:55 PM
As per Vaastu, Keeping these things in the home can make you poor very soon….

The things kept in the house make our home environment good because negative or positive energy is attached to these things. If there is more negative energy in your house then you have to face misfortune. Therefore, do not keep the things mentioned in your house below and follow the rules stated in Vaastu.

These things can make you poor

Old or torn clothes

Torn and old clothes we put in a bundle instead of throwing that is absolutely wrong. The presence of torn and old clothes in the house leads to negative energy in our house. This causes problems in our lives. So if a garment bursts or becomes old, you donate it to someone instead of keeping it in hand.

Old statue of god

If a god idol or photo has been torn in the temple, then you should immediately remove it from the temple. Because it is considered inauspicious to keep broken or broken photos of God in the house and having such photos in the house leads to financial loss. If there is any broken or broken picture of God in your house then you shed it in the river.

Do not have more things on the roof of the house

Many people keep the rough terrain of their house on the roof of their house,  that is not considered correct in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, the amount of dirt on the roof of your house comes in your life. The roof of the house should always be clean and there should not be any unnecessary luggage on it.

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Do not keep broken stones or nos

Do not keep any broken stone or nong in the house. Similarly, keeping things like rings and amulets in the house is not considered auspicious. Keeping these types of things in the house keeps people at home losing money. If you have a talisman, ring and a ring in your house that you do not use, you let it flow in the river.

More idols in temple

The idol of more gods in the house is not considered right and according to the scriptures, there should not be more than five idols of God in the house. It is most auspicious to see the statue of Lord Shiva, Ganesh Jee, Sun God, Mother Durga and Lord Vishnu in the temple. Apart from this, keeping more than 3 idols of the same God in the temple is not considered as correct according to Vastu.

Do not keep broken stuff

If things like sofa, chair, closet and table breaks out, immediately remove them from your house because these broken things do not get you successful in life, and you get stuck in progress. Apart from these, you will not use a torn sheet as well.

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