Before follow any tradition we must know the fact behind or related to it as….
Before follow any tradition we must know the fact behind or related to it as….

Religion and beliefs are very much in our country. Some things we follow, but we do not know about it, but in tradition's name, we have to keep them. For any thing or thing, devotion or belief is not wrong, but superstitious and superstition is very wrong. In such a situation, we are being asked to do any work that we do not know, we should ask questions about it. We must know real reason behind playing any tradition. We talk about this as a story.

Once a sage was going out of the jungle with some of his disciples and at that time rain was getting very fast and after that it started raining. The saint, along with his disciples, stopped by a tree and stopped waiting for the end of the rain. They saw that a small cat was buried there too. The saint thought that if he left it in the woods, wild animals would eat it. Thinking that the saint took the cat with him.

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The cat had a sense of saint's heart and therefore always kept on moving back. Even if he used to meditate, he would sit in his lap. If the cat repeatedly did so, the sage would become disturbed. Once he told his disciples that whenever I go to meditate, then bind this cat to the tree. The disciple did the same. After this, whenever the cat sitting on austerities would be tied to the tree. These disciples received the order. After this, when the attention of the sage ended, the cat would be opened. It's been a long time doing so. One day the sage died. Now their place was to become someone else's guru.

The disciples thought that whenever our master used to meditate, they would meditate only by binding the cat. In such a situation, they again started to bind the same cat and then the new Guru meditated. One day came when even the cat died. Now the disciples felt that without it there can be no worship and meditation. In this way a new cat was brought from the neighborhood and it was tied up and then the Guru sat on the worship.

The same happens with some other traditions. If the disciples had already asked why they did this on the orders of the Guru, they would have understood why this was so. Someone did not question any reason behind that reason and made it a tradition which had no meaning. Sometimes there are some things of such a weirdness that we believe as tradition and follow it. We should first know the reason behind it and then follow it.

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