These seven accurate Totke of alum will vanish all trouble from your family and life
These seven accurate Totke of alum will vanish all trouble from your family and life

Alum is a white color substance which is used for making medicines and also during pooja. While many people also do many tricks related to it. These tricks associated with alum are very good and you can get rid of these problems by availing various benefits.

Totke associated with alum

To get money

By keeping a piece of alum in the locker and bathing with alum water, money benefit can get. Besides, if it is tied in a black cloth and hang on the main door of the house or the shop monetary benefit starts flowing from all direction at once.

To get rid of debt

If you have a debt, then you should take these measures on three Wednesday. Under this measure, you put alum  and Sindoor on Pan leaf and bind this leaf with the help of thread. Then press it under the Peepal tree on Wednesday morning. With these measures, you will get rid of debt soon.

To eliminate negative energy

Alum  is also very beneficial in removing negative energy from home. You just put the alum inside a bowl in your home bathroom and keep this bowl in a bathroom where no one else is watching this bowl. After doing these measures, the negative energy of your home will end.

To eliminate Vastu Dosha

Those people who have a Vastu defect in their house, put a piece of alum inside each room of their house. Doing so will not affect the vaastu defect of your home on your life and the architectural fault of the house will also be correct.

Vanish off Bad eyes effects

If someone has seen a bad eye, this eye can be lowered with the help of alum. You just rotate the piece of alum seven times above the head of the person who has a bad eye, and then burn the piece of alum. The effect of the evil eye will be completely erased after the burning of alum.

Avoid Horror Dreams

Due to fear, often the mind gets disturbed and many times people are scared too. If you also dream about night scary, then you should put the alum in a black cloth and put it under your bed. Doing this will stop you from scary dreams. At the same time, you should place the piece of alum under the head just on Tuesday or Sunday.

To end the fight

If there is a tension between people of the family or repeatedly, you should fill the water in a Jar and keep it near your bed and put the alum in the night and at the next morning, put this water on a peepal tree. These measures will improve the relation of the people of the house and create an atmosphere of peace in the house.

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