'Don't feel ashamed using ladies' toilets?' Scolded this woman leader publicly
'Don't feel ashamed using ladies' toilets?' Scolded this woman leader publicly

Varanasi: An incident is coming to the fore from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where a woman leader of the Samajwadi Party lashed out at men using women's toilets. She said ''don't you feel ashamed to use the ladies' toilet?'' One of them was an employee of the Municipal Corporation himself who was using the women's toilet. The woman leader scolded everyone and got an apology from them and advised them not to do such a mistake again. After the uproar by the women leader, even the officers of the Municipal Corporation lost their senses. She said that henceforth care will be taken that no man should use the women's toilet.

According to the news received, the name of this woman leader of the Samajwadi Party who created the ruckus is Janki Yadav. She had come to the municipal corporation headquarters on Wednesday morning for some work. When she went to the toilet, he saw that two men were using the women's toilet. Thereafter, she stood outside. After that, another man went inside and this cycle continued. She said that when this toilet is made for women and its board is also established outside, then why are men using it?

She said that the Municipal Commissioner comes and sits in this building and the Mayor herself is a woman. After all, why is the safety of women not being taken care of? If men are already present in the women's toilet and any incident happens to the woman then who will be responsible? She told that the women employees of the Municipal Corporation would also be facing problems due to this. But due to some shame, they might not be able to speak about it. Further woman leader Janki Yadav said that PM Narendra Modi 'clean India healthy India' And Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath talks about the safety of women. Then why don't they take any action regarding this? Here too there is a question of women's safety. Apart from this, Janki Yadav also told about the lack of cleanliness in the toilet. Varanasi's city health officer Dr. NP Singh took cognizance of the high-voltage drama that lasted for about half an hour.

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