Did you know the Vaastu principles for a staircase

It is important to consider Vastu when constructing a house. According to Vastu Shastra, if you do things in your home according to vastu, it would always bring happiness to your home. Vastu is particularly concerned with the house's staircase. If your house's stairs are built in the wrong way, it might lead to architectural problems. We're going to share some vastu stair techniques with you today.

1- Never let dirt, dirt, dirt or dust accumulate on the stairs of your house. Always keep the stairs clean.
2- Install strong railings on both sides of the homemade stairs. Doing so brings positive energy to your home.

3- If you have any architectural defects in your stairs, set up a pyramid there. Doing so removes the architectural defects of the stairs.

4- Make sure that no steps are built in front of the house's entrance. Under no circumstances could temples or restrooms be constructed beneath the stairwell. It is not good, according to Vastu.

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