Perform 'Shavasana' to get rid of work stress and pain

Whether it is work from home or work from office, our body gets exhausted especially in desk jobs as it affects mostly to our mind and eyes. This problem grows while working on laptops and smartphones. If you have always had problems with tiredness as well as body aches, then you should start doing the 'Shavasana' or Corpse Pose to get rid of it.

Do this way.
-There is a need to lie in the Shavasana. First, find the place of the house where peace exists.
-Now lay down on a mat
-Make both hands at a distance of at least five inches from the body.
-Keep a distance of at least one foot between two legs.
-Keep the palms towards the sky and then leave the hands loose.
-Leave the body loose.
-Then close the eyes. Now breathe slowly.
-Focus on your breath now.

Benefits of Shavasana-
-As mentioned before, this posture removes tension.
-This yoga is also beneficial in hypertension, diabetes, mental disorders, heart disease, etc.
-This yoga also helps relieve body stress and bring peace to the mind.
-The memory and concentration also increases rapidly.

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