VIDEO: Doctors celebrate corona patient's birthday in hospital

Apr 26 2021 10:23 AM
VIDEO: Doctors celebrate corona patient's birthday in hospital

Surat: The scourge of coronavirus is increasing rapidly across the country. Meanwhile, the hospital is full. In view of all this, the burden on corona warriors has also increased. But even in these difficult situations, these people have forgotten their pain and are only taking care of the health of the patients and taking full care of their entertainment. Now in the meantime, a video is going viral which is from Surat. In this video, you can see Corona Warriors celebrating a patient's birthday in a grand manner in the hospital. The video is said to be from Surat Civil Hospital in Gujarat.



Where doctors celebrated the birthday of a corona infected patient. You can see in the video the doctor and medical staff is seen celebrating the birthday of the Covid-19 patient in the hospital with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. During this time, everyone sang for the patient. In this video, Dr. Veenaben is singing 'Tum Jio Thousands of Years' wishing the woman a happy birthday.

In the midst of the worsening situation of the corona epidemic, pictures and videos are sometimes emerging that are heart-touching. This is also included in them. These videos of Corona Warriors' vivacity are encouraging people day in and day out. Even in these adverse circumstances, people have saluted the doctors' spirit of smiling and sharing happiness with others and now people are sharing the video fiercely.

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