Does drinking too much milk really make bones weak?
Does drinking too much milk really make bones weak?

Drinking cow's milk is beneficial for children to adults. However, people still do not know well about how much it should be taken. Let me tell you all that humans started rearing cows 11,000 years ago, although the ability to digest the lactose sugar present in milk developed in humans only 10,000 years ago. Not only this, only 30 percent of the people in the world today, after becoming adults, an enzyme called lactase is formed which is able to digest milk well.

Yes, and those who are not able to digest lactose sugar have to struggle with many kinds of problems. Let us tell everyone that cow's milk is the main source of protein and calcium. Not only this, it also contains a lot of vitamin B-12 and iodine and it also contains magnesium, which helps in the growth of bones and muscle work. The UK's National Health Service says that children between the ages of one and three years should be given 350 milligrams of calcium for proper bone development.

It is obtained by drinking a glass of milk every day. Because of this, children should be fed anything other than milk so that they can get all kinds of nutrition. In most of the houses, it has been seen that people focus on giving more milk to children, which is wrong. Yes, because it does not lead to the complete development of the child. Let you all know that drinking too much milk increases the chances of bone fractures. At the same time, if we talk about adults, many researches have revealed that drinking too much milk increases the chances of breaking bones. In fact, a research conducted in Sweden has shown that women who have a higher tendency to break bones are followed by more milk intake.

Let you tell everyone that the level of lubrication in milk is high. Apart from this, it is also said that taking more milk also increases the risk of heart diseases. In fact, according to Professor Jerica Viratanen of the University of Finland, milk contains a lot of protein and after taking it, the hunger is gone. Due to which people do not take other nutritious foods. This increases the risk of developing more heart diseases.

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