Is brain tumor caused by the use of mobile? Shocking revelations in study

The evidence gathered in the UK Million Women's Study on Cellular Telephone Use and Risk of Brain Tumors, published online on March 29, 2021, in the Journal of the National Institute of Cancer, confirms that cellular telephone use under normal circumstances does not increase the incidence of brain tumours. Yes, the ongoing debate on whether the use of cellular telephones increases the risk of developing brain tumours was recently fuelled by the launch of the fifth generation of wireless technology. As such here, we are giving an update of the follow-up of a large-scale prospective study on the relationship between cellular telephone use and brain tumours.

During 1996-to 2001, 1.3 million women born in 1935-to 1950 were included in the study. Questions on the use of cellular telephones were first asked in The Medine Year 2001 and then in The Medine Year 2011. Yes and all study participants were followed up through record linkage from the National Health Service database on death and cancer registration (including non-malignant brain tumors). Dregistered.

Yes and for all brain tumours ever vs. nerves were significantly different from the adjusted relative risk 0.97 for cellular telephone use, 0.89 for glioma, and 1.0 for meningioma, pituitary tumours, and acoustic neuroma. Compared to users who used phones occasionally, no statistically necessary relationships to the cellular telephone use, overall or to the tumour subtype, were found to be related to daily cellular telephone use or to use cellular telephones for at least 10 years.

Using as a baseline in the year 2011, there were no statistically necessary associations with talking with at least 20 minutes per week or at least 10 years of use. For gliomas that occur in the temporal and parietal lobes, parts of the brain are most likely to be exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from the cellular telephone, with relative risks being slightly below 1.0.

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