People for Animal Welfare rescued dog with mouth sealed by tape

Nowadays there are many cases of animal cruelty which are surprising everyone. Just a few days ago in Kerala, a pregnant elephant was killed by eating fruit full of explosives and people were not yet overcome with the news that another news shook everyone. Another case has come out from Kerala. In this case, a dog has now been brutalized in Kerala. Some mischievous elements sealed the dog's mouth with tape and the three-year-old dog was rescued by the members of People for Animal Welfare Services and admitted to the hospital.

According to the information received, this dog was found in Ollur area of Thrissur district, he was unable to drink water and eat food. The tape was tied tightly around the mouth several times. When the rescuers went to the dog, he supported them and did not run away, which made it clear that he was desperate to get this tape removed.

When the tape was removed from the rescuers, some part of the dog's skin also came out. It is being told that the leash was tied in the dog's neck, probably someone's pet. When the tape was removed from the dog's mouth, he immediately drank about two litres of water. According to the information, now a family has expressed desire to adopt this dog.

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