Trump returns abroad after finishing two-day tour

Feb 26 2020 09:58 AM
Trump returns abroad after finishing two-day tour

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump has left for America on a two-day visit to India. Trump of America, who has gone on a historic visit to India, has clearly said that CAA is an internal matter of India and how to deal with it depends on India. It is also being noted that on the issue of religious freedom, Trump has expressed confidence in PM Modi that it is very important for India and the government here is ready to protect it under all circumstances. While considering Kashmir as a major problem, he hoped that India and Pakistan would work together to find a solution. America will do whatever it can.

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According to the information, on a two-day visit to India, and with full reception found here, the fiery President held a press conference on Tuesday, about four hours before his return late night and drew the direction and direction of India-US relations. As US President, he believes that under the leadership of leaders like PM Modi, India's future will be very amazing.

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There was a two-stage talk with PM Modi at Hyderabad House: The second leg of Trump's visit in New Delhi on Tuesday. He was welcomed with state honors at Rashtrapati Bhavan in the morning. Trump and his wife went to Rajghat and paid obeisance at the memorial site of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Trump then reached Hyderabad House where he had a two-stage discussion with PM Modi.

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