3 corona vaccine in final stage, production will start soon: Donald Trump
3 corona vaccine in final stage, production will start soon: Donald Trump

Washington: The global epidemic is the most affected country worldwide by the coronavirus. Meanwhile, there is a relief news for America. According to news agency ANI, the trial of the corona virus vaccine in the US is in the final stages. Soon its production will also be started.

US President Donald Trump said at the Republican National Convention that three vaccines of the coronavirus are in the final stages of trial. We will have a safe and effective vaccine this year. Together, we will eliminate the virus. They will soon start production. According to the WorldMeter, the number of patients infected with the coronavirus in the US has reached 60 lakh 46 thousand 634. Of which 2,513,898 are active cases and 3,347,940 patients have returned to their homes after recovering. At the same time, 184796 patients have died due to coronavirus.

Let us tell you that after the US, Corona epidemic is affected by Brazil. At the same time, India is followed by third place. In Brazil, the number of patients infected with coronavirus has reached more than 37 lakh 64 thousand. At the same time, more than 33 lakh coronavirus cases have been reported in India. With this, India has made its place in third place in the world.

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