China fires 'aircraft-carrier killer' missile in warning to US
China fires 'aircraft-carrier killer' missile in warning to US

Washington: Being isolated in the world and surrounded by questions, China has tested two missiles in the South China Sea. A carrier missile was also present in these missiles. Experts have said that it is being developed to attack US forces. This test has been done at a time when the US started clamping down on China. Recently, two US reconnaissance aircraft recorded the practice of the Chinese Army. Not only this, the US has also deployed stealth B-2 bomb planes in the Indian Ocean.

It has been learned that along with the action of the US in the South China Sea and in response to the entry of the US U-2 spy planes into the country, China has done these tests. Hong Kong's South China Morning Post quoted unnamed sources close to the Chinese military as saying that the DF-26B and DF-21D missiles have been tested. These missiles were fired in the area between the South Island province of Hainan and the Parcel Islands. According to the information received, the DF-26B has been launched from Qinghai while the DF-21D has been launched from the province of Jejiang south of Shanghai.

It has been learned that China is badly restless for complete control over the South China Sea. The South China Sea is said to be one of the busiest trade routes in the world. China has called the region its own, while on the other hand, the US has rejected Beijing's claims on most of the disputed area. Recently, the US has deployed its warships in these areas. Not only this, the governments of Vietnam, Philippine and other countries are also claiming some parts of South China Sea. America is conducting exercises in this area in the past.

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