Pakistan: Two health worker arrested for stealing polio vaccine

Two people who have stolen polio medicine from Lahore, Pakistan, have been detained. People are also stealing the medicine of dangerous diseases like polio in Pakistan. A vaccine worth about five lakh rupees has been recovered from these two. One of them is a health officer and the other is his associate. Both the accused will be produced in the court today. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization announced that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries where there is a dangerous disease like polio. Out of the 42 countries of the continent of Africa, there is no case of polio in any country, that is, these countries have been eradicated.

In Pakistan, the government was receiving news of the theft of polio medicine for several days, after which the government formed a task force which would collect information about it. The task force investigation found two people accused and both were arrested on Wednesday. An official of Shalimar police station in Lahore said that they have arrested health officer Mohsin Ali in this case, and a colleague along with him has been detained. Two weeks ago a child died of polio in Lahore.

Even after the help of the UN, UNICEF and Red Cross, polio cases are increasing in Pakistan. Nigeria and other African countries have been free from this dangerous disease. In the last two months, the government of Pakistan has removed 11,000 polio employees. In eight months, 64 cases have been reported in Pakistan. In April this year, a directive was issued by the Imran government, under which it was directed to reduce the vaccination of polio. According to the news, the government had adopted this decision due to financial constraints.

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