America bans 24 Chinese companies amid trade war

Washington: The ongoing conflict between the US and China is not ending. Even though both countries are claiming that bilateral talks are going well, but the situation is not looking good at present with the decisions of America. After the issues like South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, now both countries have started a trade war against each other.

In this sequence, the US has also banned 24 Chinese companies. Actually, America is targeting those Chinese companies that work directly with the Chinese military. This time too, America has put 24 companies of China in the banned list, which help the Chinese army. After which these companies will not be able to do their business in America.

Along with this, strict investigation will also be done against these companies and the people related to them. The US has alleged that these companies help to build an military base in the South China Sea by creating an Ortificial Island. China has also been criticized many times for the creation of islands in the international waters. Along with this, the Maritime Affairs Tribunal had also given a decision against China.

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