Russia tests world's most powerful nuclear bomb, video released

Moscow: In the midst of tension with the US, Russia has released the video of the world's largest nuclear bomb blast (Tsar Bomba Nuke Test). This atomic bomb blast is the most powerful nuclear explosion in the world so far and America has never been able to make such a big nuclear bomb. The power of this atom bomb named 'Ivan' can be estimated from the fact that it was 3333 times more devastating than the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan.

According to the information provided in the video, Russia tested its Jaar Bamba (Tsar Bomba) device on 30 October 1961 in the Barent Sea during the Cold War. It was about 50 megatons heavier and it was torn to a strength equal to 50 million tons of conventional explosives. This atomic bomb was dropped by Russian aircraft into the ice above Novaya Gemalaya in the Arctic sea. When the world came to know about this atomic bomb, it was named 'Tsar Bomba'. On 20 August, Russia's Rostam State Atomic Energy Corporation released a 30-minute documentary in this regard on its YouTube channel.

Experts say that Russia has achieved spectacular technological achievement through its testing. The terror of this atomic bomb was so high that the cameras were installed hundreds of miles away. Along with this, they were kept in low light position so that the person shooting could not lose eye light in the glow of the nuclear explosion.

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