Don't make these mistakes when you applying the foundation

Jun 16 2019 08:37 PM
Don't make these mistakes when you applying the foundation

Women like to use makeup to enhance their beauty. But they also spoil your beauty. That is, make-up mistakes spoil your look and reduce beauty. Caution is needed especially when setting up foundations. Its the slightest mistake can cause damage to your face. We're going to tell you what precautions to take when planting foundations.

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Don't apply powder foundation
The Powder Foundation will make your face look artificial and dry the face. Instead, install the Cream Foundation or the Licwid Foundation.

Test Foundation
Whenever you go to buy a foundation, you see it by testing it on your wrist, which is wrong. Your face and your wrist color are different so always look at the foundation.

Find a primer first
Girls put the foundation on a direct face, making the face look strange. Apply a primer on your face first and then apply a foundation. This will keep your foundation longer.

Don't apply the whole face to the foundation
You take a foundation vessel all over your face, which is wrong. It should be applied only at a place where there are stains or dark circles. The less foundation you set up, the more natural you look.

Also apply a concierge
Don't forget to apply a concierge to hide the under eye dark circle. The foundation can't hide the dark circle alone. The conceptor should be installed immediately after the primer is installed and then use the foundation.

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