Hair loss after delivery? No need to panic, follow these easy steps!
Hair loss after delivery? No need to panic, follow these easy steps!

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience, but it also comes with some challenges. One of these is hair fall after delivery. This is a common problem that affects many women.

In this article, we will tell you why hair fall occurs after delivery and how it can be prevented.

Why does hair fall occur after delivery?

Hair fall after delivery occurs due to hormonal changes. During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone levels increase, which prevents hair fall. After delivery, the levels of these hormones drop rapidly, causing hair fall.

Apart from this, there may also be nutritional deficiency in women after delivery, which can be a reason for hair loss.

How to stop hair fall after delivery?

1. Eat a balanced diet:

  • After delivery, include foods rich in protein, iron, vitamin B and vitamin D in your diet.
  • Consume foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, curd, eggs, fish, and meat.
  • Drink plenty of water.

2. Reduce Stress:

  • Stress can be a major cause of hair loss.
  • Practice stress-reducing methods like yoga, meditation, or exercise.
  • Get enough sleep.

3. Hair Care:

  • Wash and comb hair gently.
  • Avoid rubbing wet hair.
  • Use mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • Protect hair from heat.
  • Do not use chemicals to style hair.

4. Supplements:

  • You can take iron, vitamin B, and vitamin D supplements after consulting a doctor.

5. Hair Mask:

  • You can make a hair mask at home using aloe vera, coconut oil, or curd.

6. Consult a doctor:

  • If you feel that your hair loss is excessive, consult a doctor.

Hair fall after delivery is a temporary problem. If you follow the above measures, your hair will grow back in a few months.

Here are some additional comments:

  • Be patient. It may take some time for hair to grow back.
  • To keep your hair healthy, do regular hair care.
  • If you are concerned, consult a doctor.

Also remember that every woman's body is different. In some women, hair fall is excessive after delivery, while in others it is less. Hair fall is a common problem after delivery. Don't panic, just follow the above measures and your hair will be back soon.

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