Dr Ram Niranjan Is The Brand Ambassador Of My Protein - One Of The Top Sports Nutrition Brands In The World!

May 12 2021 12:01 PM
Dr Ram Niranjan Is The Brand Ambassador Of My Protein -  One Of The Top Sports Nutrition Brands In The World!

In 2014, Dr Ram Niranjan started his profession in the field of Fitness and Nutrition. In these 7 years, the doctor has seen many ups and downs, professionally and personally. But he kept going on in life and worked continuously to spread the message of a healthy lifestyle among the masses. Finally, his hard work paid off with one milestone - brand ambassador of My Protein.

In April 2021, My Protein, one of the most popular and top international nutrition brands, appointed Dr Ram Niranjan, also the coach in the health and nutrition field as their brand ambassador in India. The doctor is quite happy to take hold of such an important responsibility as it caters to his field. My Protein is a nutrition brand catering, especially towards the athletes.

To those who are not fully aware of My Protein, Dr Ram Niranjan shares, "It is a leading sports nutrition brand, delivering a range of quality products including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and performance clothing.  It is a very well known international brand but priced very minimal. Their products are of top-notch quality. Their protein has the highest percentage of protein per scoop in comparison to any other brand in the market." Dr Ram Niranjan is going to utilize his analytical and formulation skills to break certain points to educate people more on the product and its usages. He will become a Formulation Expert to brands and help them come up with innovative Health-oriented products.

Talking about Dr Ram Niranjan, the doctor has had a hard time with his health issues. But he battled everything with lots of courage and is continuing to work in the field of health and nutrition. About his surgeries and their impact, the doctor shares, "I had two surgeries. The first surgery was myxomatosis degeneration - a collagen disorder that affected my heart valve (mitral valve). It was repaired in 2018 Feb. I developed a clot in the repair site and nearly 14 TIA (transient ischemic attack ), commonly known as a mini-stroke and 3 major strokes. I recovered and started training."

He added, "The second surgery was a planned one with my existing collagen disorder. My valve was coping up with the repair done in the first surgery. So we decided to replace the valve with a metal one. I don't have a tissue valve but a metal pipe that ticks on every beat instead of "Lub Dub", which we are all used to. The biggest challenge apart from physical pain was the mental hurdle of not becoming a cardiac cripple." 

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