Dr. Sandesh Lamsal - A Nepalese Internet Celebrity Who is Praised for His Contributions to Nepali Community

Being active on social media platforms as an audience, especially on Instagram and Facebook has its perks. We get to witness varieties of content-driven videos curated by content creators and influencers.

Recently, my friend shared a single track titled “When COVID Ends” composed by Dr. Sandesh Lamsal. I truly enjoyed the track and was curious to know more about him. I was stunned to know that he is not just a doctor by profession but also an internet celebrity, influencer, social worker and International volunteer who has a strong social media presence. While getting some sneak peeks of his personal life, I got to know that he was born and brought up in the Dang district of Nepal on 17th August 1994. He was an extraordinary student born in a small village who used to pursue his passion while juggling with his higher studies from childhood. At the age of 13, he joined World Taekwondo and started with Martial arts training. In 2013, he completed his higher education with an outstanding performance from Tulsi Higher Secondary English school, Dang, Nepal. 

Later, he received a scholarship from The Russian Government in the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russia where he completed his general medicine program i.e. MBBS in June 2021. This university is included among the top 10 Medical universities in Russia by Forbes. His real journey towards the path of success began from 2015 and there was no looking back. In 2015, he learned the basic Russian language so that he could easily settle in this foreign land. “Only studying perfect books doesn't make us a perfect doctor”- Dr. Lamsal

He was not only an active member in all the cultural activities of universities but also an organiser of those programs where he always promoted & praised his home country, its culture and language on the International level. While searching more about him, I came to know that he also worked as The Representative of Nepal in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region during his stay in St. Petersburg. He collected donations personally and through a fundraising program organized by him and his colleagues to contribute financially to one of Nepal's NGO for 2015 ‘s Nepal earthquake crisis. 

Further, he served as a medical volunteer in FIFA Confederation cup 2017 & FIFA World cup 2018, for which he was awarded an Appreciation letter and medal by the FIFA organizer committee and Russian Government. Dr. Lamsal has been an online volunteer for the United Nations and National volunteer of The Russian Federation since 2014. 

Currently, he has Two Dan black belt in World Taekwondo. He was praised by many known personalities including Former Finance Minister of Nepal- Ram Saran Mahat, Former Speaker of the Parliament of Nepal- Onsari Gharti Magar, Ambassador of Nepal to Russia- Rishi Ram Ghimire, etc. for his social welfare works and contributions towards the promotion of Nepali culture, tradition and festivals in Russia.

He started his social media journey in 2018, where he uploaded videos regarding social awareness, personality development and public welfare. Gradually, he gained popularity as his videos went viral and were praised by many celebrities and online audiences for his outspoken personality. He advocated in the favor of talent while presenting his views about the nepotism in Bollywood as well as Nepali Film Industries and expressed his views on how it affects the soaring personalities when treated wrongfully with vilified intentions. 

Honestly, he has achieved so much in such a short span of time, that it’s very difficult to convey everything in words. Dr. Lamsal is truly an inspiration for millennials around the world.  This is how a young 26 year old boy passionately pursued his aspirations with utmost dedication and contributed his life towards the welfare of society.

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