America landed in protest against China's military practice
America landed in protest against China's military practice

Beijing has intensified its military movement in the South China Sea along the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh after the attack in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. This has eroded the strategic balance of the South-East Asian region with South Asia. This move by China has created a crisis situation over the sovereignty of Southeast Asian countries. America has expressed its strong resentment over China's military practice. And due to these conditions, he has also expressed his concern. The US has once again expressed its concern about Beijing's military exercises in the South China Sea. The US Department of Defense has also issued a press statement on 1 to 5 July expressing concern over military exercises conducted by the People's Republic of China (PRC) around the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

In which US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said on Friday that the US opposes the PRC's illegal claims in the SCS. America says that this military exercise of China is a gross violation of the 2002 manifesto. The US opposes this encroachment. The US insisted that it stands with South East Asian countries against this practice of China. The US Department of Defense says Beijing's military practice in the disputed region of the South China Sea is a threat to regional stability. This will create more stress conditions in the area. This military exercise in China will increase instability in the South China Sea. The United States has said that we should avoid such activities in the region, which can help to further complicate the disputes or to make peace instability dangerous.

That is what the US Department of Defense says that this military exercise of China is part of Dragon's well-planned strategy. It is a series of illegal claims on China's maritime sector. This is one of his campaigns. The US said China's move posed a threat to Southeast Asian neighbours. The US has said that this is a promise of China. The South China Sea is said to be no military in 2002. The militarization of this region has endangered the sovereignty of all the big and small nations here. This is contrary to international rules. The US Department of Defense stated in a stern tone that it would continue to monitor the situation in the disputed China Sea. And it is important that some such efforts should be made so that the sovereignty of nations is not affected.

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