Video: Man's prompt action saves a kitten from getting hit by a car

Sep 11 2019 12:42 PM
Video: Man's prompt action saves a kitten from getting hit by a car

A heart touching video is going viral on social media. By the way, when talking about social media, these videos keep coming, which become viral. A similar video is going viral in which a cat came under the car. But one person saved its life. A man escaped and saved him. The car was parked in the parking lot. A cat came and sat under the car.

The kitten sitting under the car sat under the tire, after which the unknown driver started the car engine. The person sitting in the car behind saw the horn and alerted the driver. But he did not listen. The man went running and took the cat. The car went ahead immediately. This incident was recorded in the car's dashcam. A video of this has surfaced which you can also see which is very emotional.

Going forward, the driver stopped the car and the man pointed at the kitten. The man left the kitten nearby. After which she escaped. According to YouTube, the incident took place in Sargatkoye, Russia, whose video is being quite viral.

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