Drunk Man murders his brother

Recently, a case of crime has come up from Naubasta of Agra, where the young man was killed by a younger brother after a brawl in a drunk last Sunday night. In this case, the accused also attacked his mother who came to save her, but after that somehow the mother saved her life.

Now the police has arrested the accused in this case. The deceased Vijay Narayan (28) son Jai Narayan, resident of Kachhi Wali Gali, Naubasta used to work in a printing press and his mother Munni Devi works in Anganwadi center and father is a laborer. According to the reports, at nine o'clock on Sunday night, Vijay Narayan and his younger brother Satya Narayan were sitting in the room drinking alcohol and during which both got into a fight.

After that, mother Munni Devi came to the rescue, Satya Narayan also attacked her and strangled her by sitting on the brother's chest, during which the mother escaped. At the same time Satya Narayan closed the room from behind. In this case, the family said that "When Munni Devi looked inside, Sathya Narayan was strangling her brother Vijay's chest and he made a noise.

At the same time, Satya Narayan opened the door not long after that and he said, "He has killed the brother." He then ran away. After about one and a half hours after that, when he returned very drunk, the people nearby informed the police and the police went there and arrested him.

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