Drupad Dance Academy Presents: Bharatnatyam Extravaganza
Drupad Dance Academy Presents: Bharatnatyam Extravaganza

Drupad Dance Academy has an exciting event lined up! They're hosting a grand celebration showcasing the beautiful Bharatnatyam dance style on January 6, 2024, starting at 6:30 pm. The venue for this vibrant event is Labh Mandapam, Abhay Prashal, Race Course Roa, Indore.
In our city, various dance programs take place, but "Nupurdhvani" stands out as the only program solely dedicated to Bharatnatyam. This classical dance style originated in Tamil Nadu and has gained recognition worldwide for its unique identity.

The upcoming ceremony presents a fantastic opportunity to witness dancers ranging from 3 to 35 years old, all coming together to perform. The aim of this festival extends beyond just promoting Indian dance art. It also strives to inspire the younger generation to embrace and appreciate this exceptional cultural heritage.

This year's event goes beyond the traditional confines of pure Bharatnatyam. It incorporates Carnatic fusion and semi-classical dance forms. The goal is to bridge the gap between this art form and the younger audience. Expect presentations based on raga-tal like Alrippu, Keertanam, Padam, Varnam, and Thillana within Bharatanatyam performances.

Your presence means a lot to us. Your blessings and companionship always uplift our spirits.


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