If you also use debit card then you must know this important thing

Feb 14 2020 09:39 AM
If you also use debit card then you must know this important thing

In today's time, apart from cash in everyone's purse, many credit cards, debit cards, retail store cards, loyalty program cards, identity cards, etc. will be easily found. If your purse is lost or stolen, you will call different banks to block the cards or request for a new card. A lot of race and sun have to be done to get new identity cards. In such a situation, you can secure your life deposit and identity with a card protection plan. CPP means card protection plan is a kind of card insurance. It includes stores, loyalty, Aadhaar, PAN cards along with credit cards and debit cards. All the same banks are offering protection plans to their customers. For this, the plan has to be renewed by paying a small annual premium. The same debit-credit card or other card is lost if CPP is covered. Suppose you have lost your purse, then only you have to make a call. All the lost cards will be blocked simultaneously.

For this, you will have to register Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, driving license, insurance documents etc. Their information is kept safe in the same system, which comes in handy if needed. Apart from this, if your mobile is lost or stolen, then with the help of CPP you can complain about it. The IMEI of your mobile phone is also available with the same bank, with the help of this facility, the mobile is detected from the mobile network or the SIM is blocked. The advantage of this is that if you lose your purse while traveling or traveling, then this protection plan takes the cost of your hotel. If the tickets are also lost in this situation, it also helps in getting a new ticket in lieu of that. Since these services also depend on the schemes of banks.

CPP also helps in advance cash. This service is especially helpful when you are traveling in the country itself. After getting help, you also have to return this amount within 28 days. Under this scheme you can add your family members at no extra charge. There are several options in the scheme according to which you can enroll your spouse. Four members of his family, along with spouse, can also nominate mother and father.

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