NASA warns of global warming: El Financiero
NASA warns of global warming: El Financiero

New Delhi: The earth's temperature is rising very fast due to climate change, melting glaciers and indicating rising ocean water levels. Several scientists have issued warnings on global warming and climate change. US space agency NASA has also issued a warning in this regard.

NASA has issued a warning saying earth is receiving twice as much heat as in 2005. NASA says earth is experiencing twice as much heat as in 2005. NASA has said there has been an 'unexpected' increase in the heat. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in their report that the energy imbalance doubled between 2005 and 2019. The report calls the increase "alarming". Nasa said in a statement that the increase in energy imbalance means that energy on Earth is increasing and the earth is heating up.

Based on satellite and sea data, scientists say the energy imbalance is on the rise. This figure monitors the energy coming to the earth and the energy coming out of it. This monitoring device of NASA is all over the world and we know exactly how fast the world's oceans are warming. Scientists have said that 90 percent of earth's energy goes into the sea, so data from satellite sensors gives an accurate data on sea temperature. NASA said the change in data is a matter of great concern.

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