Earthquake tremors in Russia amidst Corona scare
Earthquake tremors in Russia amidst Corona scare

The problem of incidents increasing day by day is becoming troublesome for people today. In Russia, the tremors of the earthquake have been felt today. The news agency AFP quoted the US Geological Survey as saying that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Russia's Kuril Islands on Wednesday. USGS said the epicenter was 59 kilometers A depth of (37 mi) has been found. The National Tsunami Warning Center of the United States has said that the risk of this earthquake is currently being analyzed.

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Residents in the northern part of Russia's Kuril Islands remain at risk of a tsunami following a 7.5-magnitude earthquake off the coast, according to information received, but emergency services reported small waves and no casualties or damage. According to the emergency services of "A tsunami wave has occurred in Severo-Kurilsk at 1515 Sakhalin area time (0415 GMT)".

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The emergency services reported that the height of the wave was about 50 cm (20 in) amidst the tsunami threat. Residents will live in a safe area on high ground. They also added that after adding the decision to cancel the danger, its danger will be reduced by experts. The American Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that the western coast of the country, Alaska and British Columbia of Canada did not face any tsunami threat from the earthquake. The agency said that non-harmful changes in sea level may occur in some coastal areas of the US.

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