Easy and Quick DIY hair spa treatment at home makes your hairs celebrities look alike

Apr 16 2019 07:15 PM
Easy and Quick DIY hair spa treatment at home makes your hairs celebrities look alike

This DIY hair spa is easy, quick and uses ingredients from your kitchen. Try doing this DIY hair spa treatment at home.


Hair oil

Mild shampoo or shikakai and conditioner

Turkish towel

Bucket of hot water

A ball of cotton


Shower cap

Steps for DIY hair spa at home

1. Whip up a hair mask according to your hair type. Use ingredients like yoghurt, eggs, honey, lemon, hair oils, fruits and vegetables to make the hair mask. Keep aside.

2. Heat any hair oil you prefer: coconut, amla, castor, almond, olive or any other. make sure it is not too hot.

3. Comb your hair to detangle it. Spread oil all over your palms and massage it in your hair and on your scalp. You could also dip a cotton ball into the oil and apply it on your scalp. Massage for about 10 minutes or get someone else to massage for a longer time. This will improve blood circulation on your scalp.

4. Fill a bucket with hot water. Dip a clean Turkish towel inside and let it soak the water. Take the towel out and squeeze the excess water. Be careful as the water is hot.

5. For hair steam: Wrap the towel around your head to cover all the head. Make sure there is no water dripping. Keep the towel on till the towel becomes cool. Repeat the process. The steam will help the oil penetrate deep in your hair and scalp.

6. After the steam, wash your hair with a mild shampoo or shikakai.

7. Apply the hair mask on your hair. Cover with a shower cap. Keep it on for about 30 minutes.

8. You can now use a mild shampoo to wash off your hair. Use a mild conditioner to seal the moisture in your hair.  9. Let it dry naturally.

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