Give proper attention to your feet with these dos and don’t for your ingrown toenail issue

Apr 13 2019 04:15 PM
Give proper attention to your feet with these dos and don’t for your ingrown toenail issue

An Ingrown toenail can make your life a nightmare. It develops when the sides of the toenail grow into the surrounding. Any toe can be affected, but it is generally the big toe. It can be very painful and inconvenient. This results in severe pain, swelling, redness and if an ingrown toenail happens to break, it may cause an infection in the area which is often marked by foul odor.

Tips to get rid of ingrown toenail

Trim your toenails

Always use clean nail clippers, and cut your nails straight across so that the corner of the nail is visible. Cutting your toenail too short will put you at risk. Next time you trim your toenails, leave them a little longer.

Practice good foot hygiene

Keep your feet clean by regularly washing them in lukewarm water. Even if you don’t shower each day take few minutes to wash it in a sink or tub. Dry them properly and use foot moisturizer.

Try using different oil

Apply different types of essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil in the infected area. These are natural antibiotics and will reduce infection immediately.

Wear proper fitting shoes

Choose to wear the right shoes. They should you’re your feet comfortably, preferably be made of soft materials. Wearing shoes that fit properly will help to ensure your feet remain healthy. Wear shoes that are large enough.

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Avoid colored socks

The dyes used to create colored yarns often bleed when the socks are exposed to damp, sweaty feet. So avoid colored socks and stick to white ones. Use cotton socks rather than synthetic.

Do avoid repeated pressure and injury

Always watch where you are walking, especially if the roads are uneven. Protect your toe from any king of damage or injury by not putting a lot of strain to your feet. Impact, compression and puncture are the most common foot injury.

Regularly checking your feet

It is super important to keep an eye on your feet. Not only can you spot ingrown toenail, but you can also discover signs of other foot problems. So make sure to frequently examine your feet to become more informed about your body.

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