Fight with body odor effectively in this summer by following these effective remedies

Apr 12 2019 05:55 PM
Fight with body odor effectively in this summer by following these effective remedies

Remedies that will help you fight body odor in summer

Baking soda

You need to use some baking soda to get rid of body odor. Take some baking soda and flake around the area you tend you sweat the most. Mostly people release large portion of sweat from their underarms, and that is why you can apply some baking soda here. Baking soda helps to sock the sweat and also naturalizes the bad smell through it.


You should be well groomed always and especially in hot summer days. It is often recommended that you should shave your underarms well and only then you can be relaxed with your sweating issue. Having small or big hair there in your underarms can make the situation worst and will result in release of bad body odor.

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Use baby powder

If you are not comfortable with any of the powder or deo’s, you should be using baby powder to control sweat. Baby powder can be applied all over the body and also near your intimate area, because they sweat as well. Baby powder controls the sweat and also avoids release of odor.

Using lemon

Due to high amount of Vitamin C present in this citric food, it helps to whiten the area and also helps to control sweat over your body. Rubbing lemon on the targeted area can help to maintain the pH level on the skin and also helps to kill the bacteria which lead to foul smell. Because lemon is acidic in nature, it creates unfavourable condition for bacteria to grow in and give out bad smell.


Rubbing some vinegar onto your underarms can help to fight against the bacteria and also helps to deal with all type of sweat. You need to keep in mind that your underarms should be shaved well while you are applying any of the solution only then it would work wonders during hot summer days.

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