Easy steps to a glowing skin

Jul 13 2018 01:37 PM
Easy steps to a glowing skin

A glowing skin is what every girl aspires to have. The cosmetics that we use contain various chemicals that may harm our skin, taking away its natural glow. Then the question arises what is that one safe way to cherish your skin without any side effects.

Here are some natural ways to deal with the daily skin issues without any risk of side effects.

1. The face mask: 

In a bowl, pour some amount of milk. To it, add little gelatin. Let the mixture stand for a while. Now heat the mixture in a microwave, till it acquires a creamy consistency. Let the mixture cool down a little. Now apply it on your face. Let it dry. Now peel it off your face.

2. Remove Blackheads:

In a small vessel pour some honey. To it, add some amount of Cinnamon powder. Apply the mixture all over your nose. Now place a cotton bud on it, for 5 minutes and remove it.

3. Apply a restoring mask:

To fight a dull skin, add some apple juice to a little amount of honey. Apply the mixture to your face. Let it dry for some time, then rinse it off with water.

If you have dark circles and puffy eyes, grate a potato and apply the juice or the mixture to the portion under the eyes. Let it dry for a while, then rinse it off.

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