After Holi, get rid of colour in clothes with these 6 easy tips

The festival of Holi is coming. In such a situation, if you also feel like following the Holi fashion trend with this Holi fun, but there is a fear of not having Holi colour stains on expensive clothes, then today we have brought some tips, which can help you. Let's know about them.

To get rid of the color from clothes, try these methods-

Nail-paint remover- If you want to remove the stains of colours on the clothes, then apply a little nail paint remover in the cotton and rub it on the stained area. After this, wash the stained clothes with water.

Corn starch- You mix the corn starch well in the milk and apply this paste on the stained cloth and leave it like this for a while. After that, rub the cloth with a brush and clean it, the stain will go away.

Lemon juice- Keep the colored clothes in lemon juice for some time. At the same time, after this, apply half a cup of lemon juice on the clothes and wash it with soap. This will remove the colour from the clothes.

Curd- To clean the coloured cloth, soak it in curd and keep it aside for some time. At the same time, after a while, clean the place where colour is placed on the cloth by rubbing it with your hands.

Baking soda- You can use baking soda to remove the color from clothes.  

Toothpaste- To get rid of the colour from the cloth, you can take the uninflamed toothpaste and apply it to the cloth where the colour is attached. After that, when the toothpaste is dry, wash the cloth with detergent.

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