Eating green vegetables has many benefits

Green vegetables are very beneficial for our body but often children avoid it. But as we grow older, we understand for ourselves how essential and healthy these green vegetables are. These vegetables contain vitamins, proteins and many minerals so protect us from many diseases and increase the immunity of the body. Eating these vegetables also increases blood which also makes our face glow.

Benefits of Green Vegetables:-
Today we are going to tell you the benefits of green vegetables, if you know these benefits, you will change the menu of your house from today itself.

Skin will remain glowing:-
If you eat green vegetables regularly it will work extremely well to increase the glow on your face. Green vegetables contain vitamin K which strengthens bones and also reduces the effect of aging. The minerals present in it are also very beneficial for kidney and pulse. So eat only one bowl of green vegetables every day and stay young.

Obesity will be reduced:-
Lack of green vegetables increases your obesity, you exercise a lot, even if you are not gaining weight, improve your diet, eat green vegetables instead of oily and spicy vegetables which will reduce your body fat. Belly fat is also less than green vegetables and your stomach is easily cleaned. It is low in calories and fills the stomach quickly, which does not make you hungry again and again.

Blood will grow:-
More than 50 per cent of women in India suffer from anaemia, so women should eat a lot of green vegetables. These vegetables contain iron, when iron is low, blood formation in the blood decreases, so spinach should eat radish leaves, mustard, fenugreek, etc., these greens are rich in iron and your body's blood also increases.

Cancer and appendicitis will also benefit:-
Nowadays, cancer has become normal, and people are also very disturbed by kidney disease, if you want to protect yourself from these diseases, include green vegetables in your food. Green vegetables contain soluble fiber, iron, minerals and calcium that protect the body from diseases like cancer. At the same time, acids do not accumulate in the kidneys. Green vegetables help in removing bad elements from the body, which does not cause appendicitis and kidney problems. Green vegetables also strengthen the eyes.

Include these vegetables in your food:-
Include these vegetables in your food from today, these vegetables are rich in nutrition.
a kind of spinach
mustard seed
the plant fenugreek

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