Education Post-Covid: Opens door for the digital transformation

Coronavirus pandemic has influenced a huge number of young students all over the world and India is no exemption to this. All educational institutions have wrestled with the consequences and are desperately looking for solutions for the difficulties faced by the pandemic.

When the lockdown was declared, schools, which had already incorporated E-learning platforms, could grasp the change rapidly and adjust to the new circumstance. They are connected with the students and parents through the E-learning modules and guaranteed adaptive learning process. For schools, the major challenge was to ensure acceptance of the new normal by the parents and the students. In the whole process, there have been challenges and issues; yet the parents have accepted the change to a great extent.

However, the pandemic circumstance has upset the whole educational framework, requiring revamp of the whole educational curriculum. When one looks at the situation, it would appear that this situation may probably stay for a little time more. It is admirable, however, that different government bodies and educationalists across the country are moving in the direction of discovering available resources to assist students to keep on their learning cycle.

In the current situation, the clear focus of educational institutions will be on modernizing technology and capacity building to provide a profound learning experience. While each person and organization enthusiastically looks forward to the situation to normalize, it is significant for the schools to continue the learning process smoothly. Digital learning is the way forward as a significant aspect of the education system and it is time to accelerate the usage of technical tools to ensure proper delivery of lessons.

However, the Covid situation has given an open-door for the digital transformation of the education framework and the future will witness not only virtual classrooms but also parent-teacher interactions on virtual platforms. As the community of educationists pushes forward adjusting to the new normal, there will be some difficulties that they have to face.

A more urgent need is to address the mental health issues emerging from this pandemic among students and prepare them to grasp the new situation and provide them care, sympathy, appreciation, and resilience that are necessary to face the future.

Looking at the above points, schools and educationists today need to make an effort to reduce the negative impact of the current scenario on the young minds. It is time for them to renew the system while adjusting to the new normal.  They also have to explore other practical alternatives to continue with the delivery of education in order to remain relevant and prepare the students for the future.

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