Dhanurasana is beneficial for asthma patients, know how to do it

Asthma is a lung-related problem, and in today's time, from children to the elderly are struggling with this problem. Due to this problem, the person has a lot of difficulty in breathing. Yes, and when this problem occurs, there is swelling in the respiratory tract. As this happens, it is necessary to treat this problem on time. Let you tell everyone that by doing yoga along with an eating or a healthy routine, you can control the problem of asthma. Now today we are talking about Dhanurasana. Asthma can be controlled to a great extent by doing Dhanurasana. Yes and we are going to tell you how you can do dhanurasana.

How to do Dhanurasana - For this, first of all, lay a yoga mat on the ground. Now lie on your stomach on it. Now open your legs and keep your hands straight. After this, bend your knees backwards and during this time take a long deep breath. Now bring your heel near your buttocks and try to catch the toes of the feet with your hands. After this, lift the chest upwards and during this time take a long deep breath.

Keep in mind that you have to do the same as this photo as we showed you above. Stay in this pose for at least 30 seconds. You can set the time according to yourself if you want. However, if you have any problem related to the waist or are facing any kind of problem while doing this asana, then do this asana only under the supervision of an expert.

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