These hair packs will protect your hair from falling
These hair packs will protect your hair from falling

If you want to reduce hair fall then apply it on the hair instead of eating an egg. Proteins and vitamins in eggs are beneficial for all types of hair problems. If you have rough and lifeless hair and have some scalp related problem, then eggs are to be used. The fatty acids that are contained in eggs, along with nourishing the hair follicles, strengthen them. Eggs are a source of sulfur, protein, phosphorus, iron, mineral and gink. All these things are necessary for new growth of hair.

The vitamin E in eggs is also good for hair growth and it also protects the hair from damage and pollution of UV rays of the sun. Strength of hair follicles and roots by the presence of biotin or vitamin B7. 

These egg hair packs prevent hair loss

Egg yolk and lemon juice- This pack will reduce hair fall and prevent it from thinning. Take one or two egg yolk and mix well with lemon juice and whisk well. After that, apply this pack well from root to tip and leave it to soak. Wash with water after drying.

Massaging the scalp with egg and olive oil increases hair. Take one egg white and add a small spoon of olive oil to it and apply it well on the scalp and hair. After fifteen to twenty minutes wash the hair with a mild shampoo after washing it with water.

Egg, olive oil and honey hair mask - for dry and lifeless hair, this hair mask is like a magic treat. Take one or two egg yolk according to the length of the hair and add three tablespoons of olive oil and honey to it. Mix with Apply this hair mask on the scalp and hair thoroughly. After putting a shower cap for half an hour, wash it with lukewarm water.

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