Election Commission issues new election expenditure rules

New Delhi: The stir over assembly elections in 5 states has increased considerably, while the Election Commission has set a limit on the amount to be spent on different items for the expenditure incurred due to assembly elections. This rate list is released in each election, as per the time, location and status. The list is released by the Chief Electoral Officer on behalf of the Commission. Now, according to the chart released in UP, the candidate will give details of the expenditure incurred in the elections. Because the number of workers in all activities in the election campaign is also limited, the expenses cannot be spent. At present, the Commission has released a rate chart for services and goods on which a candidate can spend on his election campaign. Flying squads have also become active to monitor this expense. According to the chart, a candidate can spend Up to Rs. 37 per plate for four puri, vegetable and one sweet and Rs. 6-6 for a samosa and a cup of tea. Similarly, the rate for garlands of flowers is also fixed.

Any candidate can buy garlands of flowers up to Rs. 16 per meter due to publicity and small gatherings. Most 3 drummers can call on a daily wage of Rs 1,575 per day for campaigning. Mineral water bottles MRP means maximum retail price or, in other words, can be purchased at print rate. At the same time, the vehicles used by candidates and their workers due to election campaign ing are also spent on elections. The prices of vehicles have been fixed at the rate of per kilometre to assess this cost. They have to submit the details of pie pie of distance, fuel, toll and other expenses. In this regard, luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes can be hired at Rs 21,000 per day, while suv Mitsubishi Pajero Sport can be hired for a maximum of Rs 12,600 per day. In addition, suv cars like Innova, Fortuner, Qualis have been priced at Rs 2,310 per day, Scorpio and Tavera at Rs 1,890 per day while jeeps, boleros and sumos have been fixed at Rs 1,260 per day. The same amount includes fuel and cost. Earlier in the month, the Election Commission had raised the spending limit for state assembly elections from Rs 28 lakh to Rs 40 lakh.

With this, the fare for loudspeakers used in election campaign will be added to the candidate's expenses at Rs. 1900 per day. The room fare for stay ing in the hotel will range from Rs 1100 to Rs 1800. The cost of generator will be added to the expenditure at Rs 506 per day, bucket at Rs 4 per piece, tubelight at Rs 60, food at Rs 120 per person, cold drink at Rs 90 per two litre and badge badge at Rs 600 a piece. With this, promotionin virtual mode has been increased keeping in view the expenditure incurred in addition to the publicity campaign on digital and social media. Now the challenge for the Commission and the campaign candidates is how they will show the expenditure on these items and how the flying squads of the Commission will keep a close watch on them.

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