Doctors found something shocking in the person's private part

A very shocking case has come to light from Pakistan. In fact, a team of doctors here has taken out an electric cable from a person's private part. In fact, all this happened here when the man had deliberately put this 18-centimetre cable in his private part. In this case, it was said that the man did this because he had been feeling difficulty urinating for some time. Actually, this incident is from Karachi in Pakistan.

According to a report that has surfaced, the name of this person has been kept confidential, the person had a problem of urination for some time. And to fix this, he put an 18-centimetre-long wire in his urethra, though he got stuck inside. After the incident, the man was admitted to a hospital in Karachi. It is being told that when this man was in pain, he approached the doctors and there he was examined and an x-ray was done.

The doctors here saw that there was something stuck in his private part and when the doctors saw the X-ray, his senses were blown away, although the man was immediately surgically removed. The team of doctors said that it could have also caused the death of the person.This is not the first case, but many such cases have come to light so far which have been shocking.

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