1947 case of murder still remains unsolved

There are many stories around the world that are unique and we still don't know their secrets. Some such cases are related to murder, theft and dacoity, whose criminals have not been caught till date. Now today we are going to tell you about a case that was reduced in 1947. There was a murder in the case and till date the accused in the murder has not been caught. The murder is said to have caused a stir across the United States at the time and is said to be one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles.

In fact, Elizabeth known posthumously as the "Black Dahlia", from Boston, Usa, died. The secret of his death remains the secret to this day. In fact, she suddenly disappeared on January 9, 1947, and five days later, on January 15, her body was found, which made people lose their senses. In fact, Dahila's body was cut half from the waist, and many body parts were deeply bruised. The killer is said to have ripped them from mouth to ear with a sharp weapon.

The murder is said to have taken place in Los Angeles. Most shockingly, about 60 people confessed to the crime in the investigation that followed his murder, though their crime could never be proved, so they were released. Most surprisingly, more than 500 people have so far confessed to the murder of Black Dahila, but it has been proved that no one is a murderer. Let me tell you that there are many of those who confessed to this crime who were not born when Dahila was killed. Today, the murder of Elizabeth Short is one of the most brutal and unsolved murder cases in American history.

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