Elon Musk recently shared a new batch of Twitter updates.
Elon Musk recently shared a new batch of Twitter updates.

USA: Elon Musk recently shared a new batch of Twitter updates. As per the most recent development, the microblogging platform will use artificial intelligence to "detect and expose manipulation of public opinion".

Starting March 31, Twitter will also make the codes used to suggest Tweets publicly available. According to Musk the best solution to address both efficacy and trust is open source.

Before Musk took control of Twitter, it was considered a continuing practice to manipulate public opinion. The CEO has not disclosed the data and parameters that will be fed to the AI for recognition.

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As per the most recent announcement, things are believed to have improved somewhat. Additionally, Twitter would be able to compete with other open-source services such as Mastodon and Nostra by making the algorithm publicly available.

According to Musk, the microblogging service will use AI to detect "manipulation of public opinion". The announcement comes at a time when Twitter is facing intense criticism for its lax content moderation policies.

In the coming months, we will employ AI to identify and call attention to attempts to manipulate public opinion on this platform. See what Musk tweeted after Psy Ops CAT.

To eliminate some of the manual content inspections, Twitter has relied heavily on technology. Users will be able to easily access, modify and redistribute the code thanks to Musk's announcement that the long-secret algorithm for suggesting tweets will be made available as open source. Peer review and community output will be used to create a collaborative, decentralized ecosystem that will be relatively inexpensive.

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Twitter will release all of its recommendation code as open source on March 31. Musk claims that the "algorithm" is overly complex and not fully understood internally. People will know a lot of silly things, but any problems will be fixed immediately. According to Musk, exposing the code will increase the quality of recommendations and win users' trust.

Even before becoming the CEO of Twitter, Musk has always been in favor of making the Twitter algorithm publicly available. In March 2022, he polled Twitterati to see whether they thought the Twitter algorithm should be open source.

An overwhelming majority supported it. According to the most recent announcement, Twitter is developing a streamlined strategy to provide more engaging Tweets, and that strategy will also be open source.

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To improve the Twitter user experience, Musk recently unveiled a few new features. Now, users can create long-form tweets of up to 10,000 characters. Currently only Blue subscribers have access to this feature.

Each user also has the option to reply to individual DMs with emoji. However, they currently have a limited selection of seven emoji.

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