Employment Issues? Make yourself Self-employed !
Employment Issues? Make yourself Self-employed !

Jobs come and go, sometimes they may give you satisfaction and sometimes they may not. All you need do is to make it clear, what you want. People even get paid for tasting tea. There is a vast hope of chance for you to go for unusual and irregular career options, which can even make you earn much money than any other regular professions like software designer, engineer. And your minds happiness and peace is assured.

Here are some of these courses that open a new door for your career path :

  1. Ethical Hacking- Many big companies look for ethical hackers for various security purposes. You need to have a good knowledge of coding in different programming languages. You can start your career by interning for an organization and then convert it to a permanent job. The average salary ranges between Rs.2-5 lakhs for a fresher, and after an experience of five to six years, you can easily command a salary of Rs. 10-12 lakhs annually, depending upon your skills.
  2. Spa Management -  A masseur or therapist can earn around Rs.10,000 as a fresher, and the income increases as you gain more experience. When you have a degree or a proper training, the pay scale can be higher than those without a certificate.
  3. Puppetry - One of the oldest forms of entertainment, puppetry is much more than just playing with the puppets. It is also an important medium of education and many schools and institutes use puppets to teach students about various topics. Several stage shows and performances have helped in putting the spotlight on puppetry. Over a period of time, this art, which was in danger of getting lost, is again gaining recognition and appreciation.
  4. Tea Tasting -What could be better than tasting awesome teas and getting paid for it? Working as a tea sommelier can be high paying if you get the right opportunity. You can get a starting salary of Rs.50,000 per month in a five star hotel. The sommelier not only tastes the tea but also gives advice, does branding, and has a good knowledge of cultivation and manufacturing.
  5. Pet Grooming - If animals are your weakness, you fell in love with them as soon as you see them, here is a stream for you that will give you an opportunity to work closely with them. This profession will require you to enhance a pet’s hygiene and appearance. From bathing to taking care of them to noticing any health issue, a pet groomer knows it all about the animal. You can take it as a part time job or a full time depending upon your passion and fondness for the pets that mostly include dogs, cats and horses. A new concept in India, this field is gradually picking up.

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