Love should be like that! Husband stayed with wife's body for 21 years

Nowadays, many shocking cases keep coming to the fore. In the case that has now come to light, a 72-year-old man lived with his wife's body for 21 years. Yes, he was living in his one-room house with his wife's body in a coffin. Yes and according to the information received, even after the death of his wife, he did not want to separate from her. Due to this, he buried his wife's body in the house. Now the man has cremated his wife's body. Yes, many pictures of the man giving a 'final farewell' to his wife have come out, which you can see here.

The 72-year-old man's name is Charn Janwatchakal and he is from the Bang Khen district of Thailand. Yes, and Charn, a doctor in the Thai army, loved his wife and when her wife died, he buried her body in the house instead of burying it in the cemetery. In fact, his wife died of an illness and after this incident, Charn's two sons left the house. Charn Janwatchakal, however, did not mind and kept the body buried in the house. Sometimes he used to go to the body and talk, sometimes he would sleep with it. However, after 21 years last month (April 29), Charn decided to perform the last rites of his wife.

Yes, and for that, he contacted an organization. With the help of the institution, the remains of his wife's body were taken out of the coffin and the last rites were bid farewell to the statute. On Monday, a local lawyer, Nitithorn Kaewto, contacted him and interviewed him. The lawyer said that the elderly man is very educated and has many degrees, although, after the death of his wife, he is living a very simple life. There is no light in his house or a bed. However, after performing the last rites of his wife, he was given many facilities.

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