Panchayat worker did dirty work with a woman teacher, said- 'I'm in love with you'
Panchayat worker did dirty work with a woman teacher, said- 'I'm in love with you'

Kanker: An incident of rape of a government woman teacher has come to light in the Kanker district of Chhattisgarh. The culprit is a panchayat employee. On the complaint of the woman, the police arrested the culprit and sent him to jail. The case is on April 25. However, a complaint, in this case, was lodged on May 4.  

The same 37-year-old female teacher said that on April 25, she was standing outside her house and talking to someone. There was no one at home because of this. It was then that panchayat employee Ashish Sarkar reached her house and went straight inside. When the woman asked him the reason for coming, he closed the doors from inside and told the woman that he loved her.  

The victim said that after this act the criminal Ashish Sarkar slapped her a lot. Thereafter, the criminal forced and raped her and also threatened to kill her. The woman said the criminal had molested her several times in the past. The woman said, "Somehow she locked the culprit in the house and came out and informed her husband and family members about it. Thereafter, when the family members who reached the spot opened the door of the house, they found the culprit there. Due to fear of public interest, a complaint was not lodged with the police, but on May 4, a complaint was lodged with the police, after which, he was arrested.''

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