Entertainment celebrity Sean Borg explains how he helped singer Natalie Imbruglia land her first recording contract

Dec 23 2019 09:49 PM
Entertainment celebrity Sean Borg explains how he helped singer Natalie Imbruglia land her first recording contract

Sean Borg has revealed for the first time how, in the mid-nineties, he helped former Australian soap actress Natalie Imbruglia land her first major record deal by introducing the star to the manager that took Imbruglia to international success.

Borg had always been reluctant to go into too much detail about Imbruglia. The pair met each other through mutual friends, and in the summer of 1994, they went on holiday to Ibiza, Spain. 

Borg told the Australian news site, Best in Au: "We were on the beach, and Natalie was telling me music was her first love. She said she wasn't keen on doing the pantomime circuit, and she wanted a record deal. I hadn't heard her sing, but I told her I knew a good manager called Anne Barrett."

Sean said: "I told Natalie I would be happy to introduce her to Anne when we got back to London." As a man true to his word, when they returned to the U.K., Sean introduced Natalie to the top pop music manager — Barrett had once managed Betty Boo — a singer who was prominent in the late eighties.

The former 'TMZ on T.V.' personality said during that period of her life, Natalie's career 'was up in the air without much direction.' The only offers Imbruglia had on the table came off the back of her Neighbors' fame, like Christmas pantomimes and musicals — Natalie wasn't keen on any of them, according to Sean. 

Borg arranged for Natalie to meet Anne at Bar Central on the Kings Road, and from that day, the stars aligned for Imbruglia. As fate would have it, Natalie and Anne hit it off straight away. It was pop history in the making, Anne became Natalie's manager, and the Neighbors beauty went on to land a lucrative recording contract with Mark Fox at BMG (U.K.).

When Natalie's debut single 'Torn' was released in the U.K in 1997, it sold over 1 million copies, it launched the singer to superstardom when she broke into the U.S. market. The song stayed on the Billboard chart there for 14 weeks. In Australia, 'Torn' is still one of the most-played tracks on the radio. Natalie had made it big, thanks to the chance meeting Sean Borg had arranged.

Sean said Natalie was 'always very down to earth' and 'knew exactly what she wanted.' He said: "I doubt she would have taken the panto jobs, and she wasn't content with being a soap actress. That's why she became an international star." 

However, he sometimes wonders what would have happened had he not introduced them. "I often wonder, though, what would have happened had I not set up that meeting. One thing is for sure; the story would have been very different. But I am happy to have played a part in Natalie's success story," Sean said.

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