Entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt invests in clean label F&B startup CocoWorks (Roligt Foods)

CocoWorks is a clean label sustainable nutrition brand from all things coconut with core focus on delivering nutrient rich products to consumers by creating nutritional awareness, promotion of clean and honest manufacturing & creation of circular economy in the process. 

India's young and successful entrepreneur, sustainable living advocate, founder of SustainKart & serial entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt invests in Cocoworks (brand of Roligt foods Pvt Ltd) which is based out of Hyderabad.

CocoWorks supplies India's first Natural Cold-Filtered Tender Coconut water, Functional drinks, Mélanges, Smoothies & more. The way cocoworks differs from the competition is due to the integrated approach of agriculture, agritech, novel food processing and honest food marketing.

“I believe that CocoWorks is providing sustainable nutrition the way nature intended to. With my investment, I’m backing this amazing team led by a visionary paediatrician turned entrepreneur & his strong willed ethos”, says Kanthi Dutt

Cocoworks (Roligt foods Pvt Ltd) was incubated by T-Hub's Lab32 recent cohort and is also a part of recent T-angel cohort of T-HUB.
The startup has been recently awarded Silver prize at the Telangana Industry awards 2021 and also been recognised as Top 10 food processing startups of 2021 by Industry Outlook magazine.

The vision of the company is to be the GO-TO brand for all things coconut and to be reckoned as the brand for sustainable nutrition which is reflected by their approach of 'Primum non nocere' meaning 'first do no harm': in providing nutrition.

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