Entrepreneur wins Mrs. Universe for the first time as a Russian woman

Msocow: On Sunday, a mother of two and successful businesswoman from Russia won the title of Mrs. Universe. Since the competition's inception, a woman from the nation has not previously won the title.

The competition, which was held last week in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was won by 34-year-old Elena Maksimova. Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, many competitions forbid contestants to compete under the Russian flag, so she was representing the title of "Mrs. Udmurtia."

recently crowned The competition was fierce, according to Mrs. Universe, as there were a record number of competitors.

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According to Maksimova's spokesperson, "It was a great honour to represent the country at such a serious event, and I am very happy to come back victorious."

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In order to honour "the most honourable married woman" between the ages of 18 and 55, Mrs. Universe was established in 2007. All of the contestants must have their own careers and be engaged in a "significant cause" that benefits others in addition to being physically attractive.

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Model R'Bonney Gabriel from the United States recently won the title of Miss Universe 2022. Viktoria Apanasenko, a Ukrainian contestant, called the competition "terribly painful" in an interview with the Daily Beast in January, which raised some controversy surrounding the pageant. She insisted that she did not receive enough support for her efforts to use the competition to spread awareness of the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine.

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