These countries claim China is responsible for spreading coronavirus
These countries claim China is responsible for spreading coronavirus

Beijing: The outbreak of Corona that is getting increased suddenly takes the form of epidemic for the whole world. This virus has caught more than 2 lakh 39 thousand deaths so far. But still this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today. 

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China does not have a complete answer: Siegfried O. Wolff, research director of the Belgian capital Brussels think tank South Asia Democratic Forum, said China's new defense to respond to international criticism of ways to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. The system is not temporary. It is part of its broader foreign policy, which includes force, influence, economic warfare, propaganda campaigns and the neglect of international organizations such as the World Health Organization.

China crosses the red mark: Xi Jinping (Chinese President) feels that his country will escape due to his propaganda and aggressive policy. China has crossed the red mark. The international community, which is suffering human, economic, social and political losses due to the Corona epidemic, will decide China's accountability.

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These countries believe that China is responsible: Many countries including America, Germany, Britain and Australia are blaming China for Corona epidemic. These countries believe that China did not show transparency on the coronavirus. These countries are preparing to seek damages from China to compensate for the loss of life and property caused by the epidemic.

Trump says, Corona made in Wuhan's lab: US President Donald Trump has taken an aggressive attitude towards China regarding the corona epidemic. He stated categorically for the first time, the coronavirus originated in a virology lab in Wuhan, China. In the grip of this virus that has spread all over the world, two lakh 33 thousand lives have died and the global economy has been destroyed.

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