Death toll drops in France, relief after 1 month
Death toll drops in France, relief after 1 month

Paris: For the past several days, the devastation of Corona has been an enemy of innocent people's lives, thousands of deaths are happening every day due to this virus. The eggs of the infected are constantly growing, not only that, now the coronavirus has also taken the form of an epidemic, after which the food shortage is increasing in the homes of people, not knowing that due to this virus many innocent lives that have come to the brink of destruction. The death toll has crossed 2 lakh 39 thousand worldwide and still no break of this virus has been found.

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According to the information received, after about a month in France, on Thursday, the Coronavirus caused the lowest 289 deaths. Although 242 people died on Sunday, but that figure did not include the number of people who lost their lives in nursing homes. The number of people killed in the pandemic has now increased to 24,637. The number of patients admitted in ICU has come down from 4207 to 4019. This was the 22nd consecutive day when the number of patients admitted to the ICU has registered a decline. 1138 new cases of infection have been detected in the country, with which the number of infected patients has become close to one lakh 30 thousand.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that his country has reached the peak of the disease. Now the transition is downhill. Johnson, who first appeared in the press after assuming office, said, "Next week, he will present a phased plan to get out of lockdown in front of the countrymen." Face mask will play an important role in relaxation of restrictions. Britain has the highest number of deaths in Europe after Italy. Defending his efforts to combat the epidemic, Johnson said, the number of dead could have been much higher. We should collectively thank the National Health Service, which averted this major disaster with its efforts.

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