Four-handed robot will pick up debris from space, will test in 2025
Four-handed robot will pick up debris from space, will test in 2025

The European Space Agency (ESA) will send the world's first 'space junk collector' named Clear Space-1 in 2025 to pick up debris collected in space. This four-handed robot will play an important role in completing this mission. At the same time, space experts believe that the debris collected in space can cause problems for future missions. In view of this, space needs to be cleaned. About 943 crore rupees will be spent on the mission.

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Experts have told that ESA left debris named Vespa in 2013 with the help of Vega Launcher, 800 km from Earth's orbit, to remove debris deposited in space. The weight of the Vespa is around 100 kg which is equal to the weight of a small satellite. When the Clear Space-1 probe is released into the corresponding orbit of space in 2025, it will take Vespa out of orbit by holding it with its four robotic arms. After this, both will burn in the atmosphere and fall on the surface of the earth. The special thing is that when the robotic arm is caught by this debris, it will be less likely to be broken into pieces.

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Space experts believe that in the last 60 years, thousands of tons of debris in space have accumulated around the Earth. It usually has parts of old rockets, unused satellites and some other space mission related material. If the campaign to clean the space is not started, then such waste will increase in the future and there will be more possibility of the satellite hitting it.

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Director-General of European Space Agency, Jain Warner says that new rules are needed to keep the space clean. He has said that whoever launches the satellite will also have to take responsibility that when the satellite is not in use, it will also have to be removed from the concerned orbit. This is for the benefit of all and under no circumstances can it be continued now.

According to a report, thousands of tons of debris have accumulated in the last 60 years around the Earth in space. It has 3,500 satellites and 7,500,000 small pieces with parts of old rockets. Small pieces in space 20 thousand km. They are running at an hourly pace.

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