Ajit Khan's 'Lily, Don't Be Silly...' is still on the lips of the people.

A bandit of Hindi cinema with a heavy turban tied to his head and a curved heavy moustache that the audience recognized as Ajit (Ajit Khan) in the 70s. While some movies also displayed  Ajith's style, Ajit, who appeared in cinema, also appeared as an educated villain wearing suit boots in several movies. Today is the death anniversary of Ajit Khan alias Hamid Ali Khan. Ajit's dialogue delivery was so powerful that it was not going to take people a little too long to copy his style.

He had entered the hearts of the people with his different payment to the common dialogue 'Mona Darling' from the movie 'Zanjeer'. You will remember that dialogue from the movie 'Yaadki Barat' - 'Lily, Don't Be Silly...' Ajit made everyone crazy with his Hinglish accent. The dialogue of 'Kalicharan' 'The whole city knows me as Lion', how can you forget it? Ajit had said on screen with his unique payment that even today people have not forgotten it.

As Ajith, Hindi cinema had found a new kind of villain, which is an attempt to create fear with its dialogue delivery and face inside people by making strange poor mouths. Ajit made himself laugh on the screen instead of a common villain and put the villain tickling people in front of everyone with the unique payment of his dialogues, which instilled love and not hatred for the villain.

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